We frequently meet the 3rd Tuesday of every month. Regular meetings will be held near the medical center at 6:30 pm. Dates and times may change. Join our email list to receive the most updated details.

Upcoming Events


Tuesday, March 8, 6:30 pm
The Good News of Life:
The Prophetic Voice of St. John Paul II’s Evangelium Vitae
Dr. Stuart Squires
Msgr. Jamail Family Center, St. Vincent de Paul

Saturday, April 2, 2022
Converging Roads Houston
Fundamental Health Care Ethics
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Previous Events


Tuesday, February 15: Medical Practice: A Call to Virtue, Margarita Ortiz, JD, MA

Tuesday, January 18: How Young is Too Young: Neonatal Resuscitation at the Verge of Viability
Dr. Rafael Fonseca


Saturday, December 11: Christmas Social
Tuesday, November 16:
Healthcare Student Social
Saturday, October 23:
Annual White Mass
Tuesday, September 21: What is Medicine For?, Victor Saenz
Tuesday, June 15:
 Restorative Fertility: Ethical Alternatives to IVF led by Patrick Yeung, MD
Tuesday, May 4: 
Deficiencies in Scientific Evidence for Medical Management of Gender Dysphoria with Paul Hruz, M.D. Ph.D.
Tuesday, March 16:
Internet Pornography Addiction – Can It Really Harm Your Brain?, Sr. Marysia Weber, DO Recording

Tuesday, January 19: Evidenced-Based Happiness in Medicine with John Bickford, MD


Tuesday, December 12: Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Mass at Holy Rosary, Lunch at St. Arnold’s Brewery

Tuesday, November 17: Caring for the Smallest Among Us: Perinatal Palliative Care by Tiffany McKee-Garrett, MD Recording
Saturday, October 17: White Mass and Keynote:  
Catholic Principles in the COVID Pandemic: Achieving the Greatest Good by Lt. Col. William P Mueller, MD
Tuesday, September 15:
Medical Futility: Exploring the Concept and its Meaning within Catholic Bioethics by Claire Horner, JD MA Recording
Tuesday, August 18: 
Catholic Physicians – Are We a Contradiction? by
Sister Mary Diana Dreger, MD Recording
Tuesday, July 21: The Joy of Medicine, Bill Hogan, MD Recording
Tuesday, June 16:
Catholic Perspective from the COVID Frontlines,

Barbara Golder, MD, JD and Justo Montalvo, MD Recording
Saturday, May 16: Annual Marian Pilgrimage, Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church

Tuesday, April 21: Art in Medicine, Sarah Cosgray and Carmen Sanchez-Romero Recording
Saturday, March 28: Converging Roads – Catholic Continuing Education Conference
Tuesday, February 18: Avoiding the 7 Deadly Sins in Medicine, Mary Caprio RN
Tuesday, January 21: Embryo Loss During Contraceptive Use, Cara Buskmiller MD



Tuesday, December 17: Retired Priests Christmas Dinner at St. Dominic Village

Tuesday, November 19 : Spiritual Medicine – Anointing of the Sick, Fr. Richard Hinkley
Saturday, October 19: White Mass & Dinner Reception. Keynote speaker: Roy Heyne, MD: “A

Catholic Witness to Truth and Love in Medicine”
Tuesday, September 17: Adjusting to the Unexpected, Trisha and Nick LaRocca
Tuesday, August 20: Student and Resident Social at St. Arnold’s Brewery
Tuesday, July 16: Monica Ashour, Theology of the Body

Tuesday, June 18: Journal Club

Saturday, May 11: Marian Pilgrimage
Tuesday, April 16: Supporting Couples with Infertility; Leonora Butau, PhD
Saturday, March 30: Converging Roads: Dignity and Disability
Tuesday, February 19: A Journey Through Cancer: A Priest’s Perspective; Fr. Richard Hinkley, our chaplain



December: Retired Priest Dinner
November: Journal Club on the Feminine Genius – article
October: Annual White Mass and Reception with Dr. Michael Brescia “The Nature and Treatment of Human SufferingRecording
2018 Catholic Medical Association Conference
Student Meet and Greet
Cheap Sex: The Transformation of Men, Marriage, and Monogamy by Dr. Mark Regnerus
Recording| Slides
Annual Marian Pilgrimage
April: Converging Roads 2018
St. John Paul II and the Redemptive Power of Human Suffering, Rev. Joseph Pilsner – Recording
February: Journal Club – Female Mutilation and the Natural Law
January:  Forgiving from the Heart, Fr. Francis Frankovich



December: Retired Priests Dinner
Medical Marijuana: The Colorado Experience, Dr. Kenneth Finn – Download MP3
October: White Mass & Reception, “Seeking God in the Clinic or at the Bedside: Ignatian Spirituality for the Practicing Physician” by David De Marco, SJ, MD (Sponsored by CHI St. Luke’s)
September: A New Community: Mission in Guatemala by Rev. Linda McCarty
August: Journal Club on “Growing Pains: Problems with Puberty Supression in Treating Gender Dysphoria” from The New Atlantis
July: St. John Paul II on the Gospel of Life, John Hittinger, PhD
Presentation, Denice Foose, Director of Spiritual Care, CHI St. Luke’s Health
Marian Pilgrimage
Beginning Life Issues Medical Ethics Conference
Catholic Perspectives on End of Life Care: A 2017 Update
February: Where Human Trafficking and Medicine Overlap, Elise Griesmyer, JD – Download MP3 
January: Reflections on Amoris Laetitia, Mr. Christopher Stravitsch


December: Guadalupe Dinner for Retired Priests
Challeging Conversations: A Roundtable Discussion on Medical Apologetics
White Mass – Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart – Cardinal DiNardo, Celebrant
Authentic Freedom: Freedom For or Freedom From? By Mary Caprio, RN
August: Accompanying Patients Who Experience Same Sex Attraction, Fr. Philip Bochanski – Download MP3

July: Current Controversies in Organ and Tissue Donation, Denise Hunnell, MD
June: Marian Pilgrimage to Galveston
May: Converging Roads
April: Journal Club discussion of “Professing Faith, Professing Medicine” by Fr. Bochanski
February: Complimentary Nature of Men and Women, Msgr. Bill Young
January: A Severe Mercy: Role of Mercy in Christian Life, Mr. Roland Millare


December: Liturgy of the Hours, Fr. Richard Hinkley
November: Hippocratic Oath Banquet, Conscience Protection in Medicine: A Personalist Defense, Ashley Fernandes, MD
October: White Mass and Reception
September: Physicians and the Unborn, Tony Joseph, Ph.D
August: Crash Course in Catholic Medical Ethics, Mr. Arland Nichols
July: Journal Club discussion of “The Catholic Physician in an Era of Secular Bioethics” by Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD
May: Marian Pilgrimage to Our Lady of Walsingham
April: Beyond the Limits of the Human Mind, Mr. Steve Bollman
March: Reflections on the Redemptive Meaning of Suffering, Mary Caprio, RN
February: The Order of Malta, Mr. Bob Signorelli
January: Abortion and the Law: Looking Back and Looking Ahead, Prof. Hadley Arkes


December: Mass & Fellowship in Celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Fr. Alvaro Interiano
November: The Holy Family as a Model of Families, Maritza C. Roman-Pavajeau, Ph.D.
October: White Mass and Reception
September: Hippocratic Oath Banquet, The Practice of Virtue in the Practice of Medicine, Sr. Mary Diana Dreger, OP, MD
July: Homosexuality and Hope, Group discussion
June: Dinner and Mass
May: In Celebration of Mary: The Miracle of Lourdes, Fr. Alvaro Interiano
April: Religious Liberty under Assault, Mr. R. Randall Rainey
March: Sex, Marriage and Family: Contraception and NFP, Mr. Chris Stravitch and Kathryn Karges, MD
February: Tour of San Jose Clinic
January: John Paul II on the Family in the Modern World, John Hittinger, Ph.D


November: The Catholic Art of Medicine: Reflections on the Writings of our Recent Popes, Mr. Arland Nichols
October: A Catholic Approach to Promote Human Dignity in Medicine, John Brehany, Ph.D